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Dermatologically tested
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Vegan & Cruelty Free
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cleaning with PUROXX:

  • Oven
  • Limescale
  • ceramic hob
  • Surfaces
  • Windows
  • Upholstered furniture
  • Shoes
  • and much more...

Cleaning the oven

Already baked so often, but not cleaned enough? No problem - PUROXX helps:

Apply a generous amount of pure PUROXX to the surfaces in the oven and on the window.
2. Then leave on for up to 1 hour, depending on the degree of soiling. For stubborn dirt or burnt areas, we recommend our cleaning stone (available in the cleaning box) to clean the affected area.
3. Finally, only wipe off the dirt with a microfibre cloth.

Apply neat to the surface
Leave to act
Use cleaning stone or magic eraser
Wipe with a cloth

Against lime and grease

Fittings, shower walls, tiles and ceramics often suffer from stubborn limescale. Especially if you do not persistently remove water residues after every use. Even with grease residues in the kitchen there are often no suitable cleaning solutions. Especially for high-gloss fronts and sensitive surfaces where there are grease deposits.

But the following applies to both limescale and grease: PUROXX is the helper in need.

1. Mix the sustainable cleaning paste with water and clean the affected areas with the magic eraser.
2. If the lime and grease stains are stubborn, we recommend applying pure PUROXX purely to the spots and letting it soak in.

1 tbsp PUROXX per 10 l water
Wipe with dry microfibre cloth

Ceramic hob shiny again

Everyone has seen it: the pot foams over and the ceramic hob is full of burnt-on food. PUROXX helps: Simply apply undiluted, leave to take effect and scrub away with the soft side of the magic eraser.

Apply neat to the surface
Leave to act
Use cleaning stone or magic eraser
Wipe with dry microfibre cloth

Bathroom, Tiles, Wood, ...

And what about all the other surfaces?

Bathroom, floors, tiles, kitchen surfaces, tables, ... PUROXX helps everywhere.

1. Mix 1 tablespoon of PUROXX in 10 litres of warm water and stir well for 1 minute.
2. The cleaning mixture is ready and can be used to clean all surfaces sustainably.

1 tbsp PUROXX per 10 l water
Leave to act
Wipe with a dry microfibre cloth, scrub if necessary.

Streak free windows

You want streak-free clean windows?

Then grab your all-rounder PUROXX and get started:

1. Mix 1 tablespoon of PUROXX in 10 litres of warm water and stir well for 1 minute.
2. Then spread the cleaning mixture generously over the window front with a cloth/sponge and clean it.
3.Then wipe dry with a rubber squeegee (or similar).
4. Finally, use the microfibre cloth to get it completely free of streaks/smears.

1 tbsp PUROXX per 10 l water
Clean windows
Pull off window
Wipe with dry microfibre cloth

Clean favourite couch

Stains on your favourite couch?

Rescue mission for PUROXX!

If a stain has appeared, you have to be quick. This increases the chance that your upholstery will be completely clean again.

For some upholstery, you can remove the cover and clean it in the washing machine with PUROXX.

1. Vacuum your upholstered furniture with a hoover.
2. Press a little PUROXX onto your stain.
3. For light stains, you can also use PUROXX sparingly and dilute with water (1 teaspoon to approx. 3 litres of water)
4. Gently rub the paste with a damp sponge and leave it on for 2-3 hours.
5. Wipe off the swirled-in paste with a wet sponge or cloth.

Thoroughly vacuum upholstered furniture
Use PUROXX pure
Gently rub the paste with the magic eraser
Leave to act
Wipe with wet microfibre cloth

Sneaker white again

Dirty shoes with your outfit? - That's over now!

Take PUROXX and 5 minutes:

1. Apply PUROXX to your shoes and let the cleaning paste work for approx. 1 minute.
2. Now clean the textured rough edges with a brush and treat the smooth surfaces with the supplied magic eraser.
3. Finally, wipe the shoe with a cloth.

Apply PUROXX pure
Leave to act
Clean with brush or magic eraser
Wipe with a microfibre cloth

Only one cleaner in the cupboard!

Our mission is to make cleaning the entire household possible with just one cleaner - strong cleaning and yet sustainable, biodegradable and dermatologically tested. No matter what kind of soiling you have in front of you: PUROXX supports you and makes everything shine again.

Also applicable for:
Dishwasher, washing machine, leather furniture, crockery, cutlery, glass, aluminium, lacquered furniture, upholstery, fittings & ceramics, work surfaces, wooden and plastic floors, greasy hands, car, for washing and pre-washing coloureds to delicates, wool, silk and curtains.

Not effective against:

  • Mould of any kind
  • Drain cleaning, -blockage
  • Fabric softener additionally necessary
  • Body care
All applications explained

Advantages of PUROXX

Economical use
Made in Austria
Dermatologically tested
Vegan & Cruelty Free
Free shipping

All areas

Cleans all areas of your household: Crockery, cutlery, aluminium, glass, lacquered furniture, washbasins, bathtubs, wooden and plastic floors to delicate laundry, wool, silk, curtains.

no danger to the skin

Put an end to highly toxic cleaning agents that do not achieve the desired effect! With PUROXX you can rely on the dermatologically tested and natural all-rounder that puts all previous cleaners in the shade.


PUROXX is manufactured in our factory in Upper Austria with the highest quality, local raw materials. We place particular emphasis on sustainable production and recyclable materials.

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Sustainability is close to our hearts

More information
The mission: Only 1 cleaner left in the cupboard

A cupboard full of chemical cleaning agents, each of which can only be used for one area. Rough hands from the corrosive ingredients, unsatisfactory cleaning results and an empty wallet were causing problems for our team. So a few years ago, I decided to look for a solution.
After a long research and testing phase, we can now proudly say: PUROXX replaces all conventional cleaners in the cupboard.