4 simple tips for cleaning surfaces

The first and most important step to a neat, clean, and inviting home that everyone feels comfortable in are thoroughly cleaned surfaces. From the wooden floor to the bathroom tiles, from the kitchen cupboards to the windows: if dirt collects on these surfaces, the entire home looks unkempt and dirty. The most important cleaning tips are summarized here, with which you can keep your surfaces in the apartment / house clean in no time.


1. Glass surfaces

Glasfront reinigen

Large glass surfaces are eye-catching because they let a lot of light into the apartment and guarantee us beautiful views - but if the windows, sliding doors or panorama windows are dirty, the rooms are flooded with less light.

The good news: expensive glass cleaners are not absolutely necessary. Inexpensive sustainable alternatives such as PUROXX - the all-purpose cleaner  can also help against stubborn dirt on glass surfaces. Simply dilute the paste with water and wipe the windows from top to bottom. Then remove the excess water with a squeegee rubber  and polish with a microfiber cloth (available in the cleaning box) - that's it.

The best thing about it: With the all-purpose cleaner, there are no annoying streaks on the window, as with many other glass cleaners!


2. Tiles

Badezimmer reinigen Fließen

Tiles are considered to be very easy to care for and easy to clean. With water and the all-rounder PUROXX, most dirt can be removed in a very short time. For stubborn stains on tiles, we recommend applying the paste undiluted and letting it take effect. Grout, on the other hand, is a little more demanding to clean. With the PUROXX all-purpose cleaner, however, joints can also be cleaned in no time at all. With the help of the combination of magic sponge and WunderRein (available in the PUROXX starter box), even heavy dirt can be removed. The cleaning stone (available in the PUROXX cleaning box) helps for stubborn dirt on ceramics, tiles or porcelain. Especially on these surfaces, large stains can be removed without problems and without scratches. Together with the brand new cleaning paste PUROXX, the result is a powerful cleaning duo that works without harmful chemicals!


3. Glossy fronts

Küche Hochglanz

High-gloss fronts are very popular in modern apartments - from the kitchen to the bathroom and from the bedroom to the living area. In general, these surfaces are pleasantly easy to care for. However, if dust accumulates on them, the pollution is immediately apparent. The most important tools for cleaning: lint-free cloths. Moist wiping is usually sufficient. In the case of stubborn stains, however, PUROXX diluted with water can help. This skin-friendly cleaning option helps all high-gloss fronts to regain their full shine.


4. Wood

Holz reinigen

Regardless of whether floorboards, kitchen fronts, dining tables or stairs - when cleaning real wood surfaces, you should use water sparingly and absolutely avoid using aggressive and solvent-based cleaning agents and scouring milk, as these can attack the wood. The dermatologically tested all-purpose cleaner PUROXX can be used on wooden surfaces without hesitation. Since this cleaning agent is harmless to the skin and does not contain any phosphates, it is ideal for wooden floors and wooden countertops in the kitchen. In addition, there are no annoying edges with PUROXX, as can often happen with wood.

Tip: Always clean wooden surfaces in the direction of the grain and then dry them thoroughly.

Test now the all-purpose cleaner in the tube - PUROXX. With this cleaner you do without harmful chemicals & replace all conventional cleaners with a single one. Protect your wallet, your health and the environment - sustainable cleaning has never been so easy.

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