Cleaning car seats | Removing stains without leaving residues

Stains on sofas, carpets or car seats are annoying. When looking for a suitable cleaning agent, one always comes across the black X symbol on an orange background, which indicates ingredients that are harmful to health or irritating. Who still likes to sit or lounge there? We explain how to clean car seats sustainably and which product you can use to get your seat clean again without any harmful chemicals.

When cleaning the interior of a car, people often forget that the upholstery also absorbs a lot of dirt. Especially in summer, the upholstery soaks up odours and sweat

Even those who like to drive their food home should remember that upholstery absorbs vapours and also generally gets musty quickly. This is where PUROXX - the all-purpose cleaner, should be left to soak in well and then carefully scrub off, comes in handy.

Avoiding stains in car seats

In some cases, stains in car seats can be avoided without passengers having to give up food and drink. Before long journeys with children in the back seat, you can put blankets on the seats to catch some of the spillages. Protective covers are also helpful. However, they often don't look as smart as the actual car seat.

Tips and tricks for dirty car seats:

  • Test cleaners: Before using a cleaner, test it on an inconspicuous spot to see if it discolours the fabric or leather.
  • Remove stains quickly: It is best to pick up dirt carefully with a cloth. Never rub, as this will cause the dirt to get deeper into the seat.
  • Vacuum the interior: before removing the stains.
  • Do not use "harsh" cleaners: it is best to use pH-neutral & phosphate-free agents.
  • Use little water: Damp interior windows and a musty smell are an indication that too much water has been used.
  • Wet vacuuming: After the upholstery has been treated with a stain remover, remove the loosened dirt with a so-called wet vacuum cleaner.
  • Clean regularly: at least twice a year.
(c) picture alliance Foto: Franziska Gabbert


  • Thoroughly vacuum the seat.
  • Apply undiluted PUROXX Paste to the stain in the fabric upholstery.
  • Rub the solution into the seat with a cleaning sponge.
  • Then leave to soak in for two hours with the window open.
  • Use a moistened microfibre cloth to remove any residue of the stain and the paste. This will not leave any annoying marks, as is only the case when cleaning with water.

Finished is the lasting and gentle treatment. In addition, this cleaning also works on a dirty headliner and on the floor mats.

For cleaning your car seats, the PUROXX cleaning box contains all the utensils you need for sparkling clean seats: