Cleaning the oven correctly and gently in 3 steps

Whether it's burnt-on grease, nasty encrustations or dried-on food residues, cleaning the oven is not exactly your favourite household task. It usually involves a real feat of strength and a lot of energy, as well as frustration

Many chemical-free cleaning agents and cleaning hacks require a very long soaking time and ultimately do not deliver a satisfactory result.

Today we will show you how to clean even stubborn dirt from your stove and oven without getting out of breath.

Step 1: Prevention - better safe than sorry

To prevent grease and dirt from burning deep into the surfaces, it is important to always clean immediately and thoroughly after eating. This will keep the cooking area fresh for a long time and prevent nasty dirt and encrustations from forming in the first place. In addition, such carelessness can cause dark smoke to develop, which is harmful to your health. Therefore, we recommend simply mixing some PUROXX with lukewarm water and cleaning the cooking area with a conventional sponge after each use.

Step 2: Testing - the proof of the pudding is in the eating

The cleaning agent that works for Mum's oven may not be compatible with your oven. PUROXX is suitable for all surfaces, cleans thoroughly and is completely gentle on chemicals. In case of heavy soiling, we advise you to first apply the paste to a small, not-so-visible spot, let it work and test it with the magic eraser or the cleaning stone from the cleaning box.

Attention: Please test the cleaning stone on an inconspicuous spot before the first application! Do not use on highly polished metal (e.g., fittings), glass, plastic, enamel, fibreglass or other sensitive and soft surfaces.

Step 3: Correct application in the oven - this is how it works!

Apply PUROXX paste generously to the soiled area & let it work for a few minutes/hours, depending on the degree of soiling. Since PUROXX is dermatologically tested, it is not necessary to wear gloves. It is sufficient to wash your hands thoroughly afterward.

In case of hard dirt, we recommend using the cleaning stone or the rough side of the magic eraser (included in the cleaning box). Please note that both cleaning aids should only be used wet and in combination with PUROXX. The magic eraser is not to be confused with a conventional sponge and is intended to simply erase stubborn stains. The spot can be treated with these tools and then wiped dry with a cloth or sponge. The oven will shine again in all its glory.


Other burnt surfaces:

PUROXX also works wonders on the ceramic hob and burnt-on pots. Simply apply the PUROXX paste to the burnt area and let it work for a few minutes. Then clean the area with a sponge and wipe it off. Cookers and pots have never been so clean so quickly!


Tip: Always wipe off stains quickly and carefully; the longer the stain burns in, the harder it will be to remove!


Try the PUROXX all-purpose cleaner in the tube now and clean sustainably, chemical-friendly and with visible success. Take care of your health and your environment and replace all conventional cleaning agents with just one.


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