Cleaning the shower cubicle - this is how it really works!

Limescale deposits, dirt and streaks can be a real nuisance. With these care instructions and application tips, the shower shines in new splendour and stays beautifully clean!

Basically, a shower area consists of several different components and materials. Whether tiles, glass or plastic, various care instructions must be observed.

Basically, you don't need an aggressive special cleaner with extreme pH values. The shower enclosure can also be cleaned very gently and sustainably. PUROXX is gentle and mild, skin-friendly and dermatologically tested. In addition, the multi-talent from the tube is vegan & biodegradable - 1 agent for 10 different household products.

Tools for cleaning your shower wall


To achieve a perfect streak-free result, be sure to use cleaning aids as well. The cleaning box already contains the magic eraser, the microfibre cloth and the cleaning stone. In addition, we recommend that you always work with a rubber squeegee for glass.

Attention: Avoid contact with hard tools on glass, enamel and stainless steel!

Use of PUROXX in the shower:

1. for light stains:

If the glass has light stains, you can dissolve 1 tablespoon of PUROXX in 10L of warm water and clean the surfaces with a sponge. Then smooth with a rubber squeegee and polish dry with a microfibre cloth. 

2. for stubborn stains

You can also apply the paste directly to a stain; thanks to the gentle dermatological formula, not even rubber gloves are needed. Easily put the paste on the stain over a large area and let it act 1 hour. Then wipe the surfaces with the wet Magic Eraser and polish everything as usual. You can also use the cleaning stone with lime stains or discoloration in the tub (note: do not apply to glass). Instead of the Magic Eraser, the cleansing stone is moistened after the exposure time, and the affected area is scrubbed.

Here you can see the before/after result of one of our customers:

What to do if stubborn limescale stains remain despite correct application?

Patience is the answer. Limescale can eat deep into the surface. Since limescale is also not created "overnight," time and multiple applications are the keys to success here.

Alternative: vinegar and citric acid

A natural alternative would be vinegar and citric acid. However, these leave behind a very long-lasting acrid smell and are not helpful, especially with grease-based stains. PUROXX carefully cleans all household stains and, as an all-rounder, covers not only limescale stains but all other household and leisure problems.

Better safe than sorry - keeping the shower clean for a long time to come

To enjoy the cleaning results in the long term, we recommend not only rinsing the cleaning agents thoroughly with clear water after each cleaning of the shower but, above all, always using a rubber squeegee on the glass after the shower itself in order to avoid limescale deposits and water stains. Clean your shower area regularly to prevent stubborn dirt from settling, and always remember to rinse the cleaners you use with clear water to keep the surfaces free of streaks.

Tip: Don't forget your fittings! Here too, dilute PUROXX with plenty of water, wipe off and your fittings will shine like new:


Get your cleaning box now for the optimal cleaning of your bathroom, sustainable and effective!