Easily remove red wine stains from textiles

Removing red wine stains is a household word for wine lovers. Whether from carpets, clothing or tablecloths - red wine stains are very stubborn. People are reluctant to resort to chemical cleaners and many household tricks often do not produce the desired result.

If your favourite glass of wine tips over or you miss a sip while pouring, you have to act quickly because the longer the red wine stain dries, the greater the challenge of removing it again. Cleaning up these nasty stains is a real feat. But you don't need to use expensive special chemical cleaning agents. With these PUROXX tips you can easily remove red wine stains!

Fresh red wine stains

The fresher the stain, the easier it is to remove from the textile. Once the mishap has occurred, simply treat the affected area with cold water. Dab the fresh stain carefully with a paper towel so that the wetness does not penetrate deeper into the textile fabric. Wash the stain out under clear cold water. Then apply PUROXX generously and undiluted. Now leave our all-purpose cleaner to work in for a while and then use the wet magic eraser to erase the stain.

Dried-in red wine stains

Is the stain is older and has already penetrated deep into the textile structure? In this case, removing the red wine stain is a little more difficult but not impossible. PUROXX is also a great textile and laundry cleaner. Due to its gentle but effective biological formula, which is also dermatologically tested and well tolerated by the skin, it is also wonderfully suitable as a detergent. Wet the affected area with cold water and apply PUROXX undiluted to the area. After the application time, treat the affected area with the damp magic eraser or, in the case of sensitive textiles, with a soft sponge. If traces are still visible on the affected area, you can also put PUROXX into the washing machine to completely remove the last remnants of the wine.

Stains on carpet, sofa or other textiles

Treat the affected area with clear cold water, apply PUROXX generously and let it soak in. Afterward, the spot can be cleaned with a damp sponge. Smaller carpets can also simply be put into the washing machine together with PUROXX. Simply add 1 tablespoon of the all-purpose cleaner from the tube and run the washing programme as usual.

PUROXX cleaning-tip: Not sure whether our all-purpose cleaner is compatible with your textile? Test it on a not-so-visible spot.