Environmentally friendly washing without fabric softener and chemical detergents

According to the Federal Environment Agency (UBA), around 600 tonnes of wash water enter the wastewater every year. Since conventional detergents and fabric softeners consist largely of chemicals - such as petroleum surfactants, phosphates and allergens - items of clothing are often treated with highly toxic ingredients.

Furthermore, with a large number of detergents, a very high dosage is necessary to achieve the desired cleanliness of the clothing. This is mainly due to the degree of hardness of the wash water, the temperature and the degree of soiling of a load of laundry.

Besser als herkömmliche Waschmittel - WunderRein

With PUROXX there is now for the first time a cleaning paste that is both completely phosphate-free and at the same time biodegradable. By replacing all chemical agents with skin-friendly and dermatologically tested ingredients, the all-rounder in the tube achieves a perfect washing result without polluting the wastewater.

In this way, the ecological balance of everyday washing is improved without great effort, washed sustainably and above all without hiding the detergent from the children.


And the best thing about it: Our recyclable tube not only supports the wash cycle, but can also be used for the entire household, floors, shoes, and much more. be used.