Magic eraser vs. cleaning stone - What should I use?

The Magic Eraser:

The magic eraser is an eraser sponge that is not to be confused with a conventional sponge. It is designed to erase stubborn stains.

It is like a dirt eraser & becomes less dependent on use. Alternatively, a conventional sponge can also be used with the PUROXX.

Together with our sustainable all-rounder, you can fight all stains in the household or in your leisure time with these household products.

PUROXX is not only biodegradable, dermatologically tested and skin-friendly, but our all-purpose cleaner is sustainable and vegan.


In order to benefit from the eraser for as long as possible, the eraser should only be used wet and in combination with a little PUROXX. To do this, moisten the magic eraser under the water, apply the paste to the desired area and wipe.

The Magic Eraser should always be used wet and with a little PUROXX. Do not use it dry or put it in the washing machine.

Area of application

The eraser is intended for stubborn stains that cannot be removed with a sponge alone. It can also be used to erase stains on walls super easily.

The particles in our sponge are highly compressed to achieve higher quality and a better cleaning result compared to conventional dirt erasers.

In particularly tough cases, the rough side of the magic eraser is especially suitable.

If the stain cannot be removed despite the PUROXX and the magic eraser, we recommend the cleaning stone included in the cleaning box.


The cleaning stone:

The cleaning stone cleans stubborn dirt in no time without leaving scratches. Particularly suitable for ceramics, tiles and porcelain. It is available in the cleaning box as well as in the accessory box.


The cleaning stone should always be used wet and in combination with PUROXX. To do this, hold the stone under water and use it on the area treated with PUROXX.

The stone becomes less after each application and does not leave any scratches if used correctly.

Please test the cleaning stone on an inconspicuous area before the first application! Do not use on highly polished metal (e.g., fittings), glass, plastic, enamel, fibreglass or other sensitive and soft surfaces.

Area of application

The cleaning stone is particularly effective on burnt-on stains, on toilets and for removing stubborn limescale.

You are still unsure how to use your miracle worker? A look at the application flyer will tell you exactly how to use your magic duo. Of course, we are always happy to help with any other questions you may have!


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