The correct cleaning of the stove glass with PUROXX

At the beginning of the heating season, the stove should be thoroughly cleaned and maintained. This is the only way to ensure low-pollution combustion. The glass on the stove should also be cleaned at regular intervals.

Removing dirt from the stove glass

When cleaning the stove glass, strong abrasives, scratching brushes and mechanical cleaners are often used to get to grips with stubborn dirt.

Important tips for cleaning windows

You do not need expensive cleaning equipment, scouring agents or special chemical cleaners. For cleaning, we recommend the all-purpose cleaner in the tube: PUROXX. With this sustainable cleaner, the stove glass becomes 100% clean again, and is gentle on the skin and the environment.


  1. be sure to let the stove glass cool down
  2. Apply PUROXX generously to the dirty inside and outside of the glass using a sponge (our magic eraser is ideal here: see here). 
  3. leave the cleaning paste to act for approx. 20-30 minutes
  4. wipe off dirt with a sponge and - if there are particularly stubborn soot stains - remove them with the cleaning stone.
    Note: Please test the cleaning stone on an inconspicuous area before first use! Do not use on highly polished metal (e.g., fittings), glass, plastic, enamel, fibreglass or other sensitive and soft surfaces. 
  5. ready! The oven glass has never been so clean so quickly!
The perfect package for cleaning your stove glass is available in our PUROXX boxes - free of shipping costs!