White sneakers finally clean again

Brilliant white sneakers are the absolute fashion classic! The shoe all-rounders fit every outfit and can be worn on many occasions. But as soon as the white sneakers are dirty or have stains, the eye-catchers quickly lose their style.
What should you do when the white sneakers are not as beautiful as on the very first day?

Strahlend Weiße Schuhe

Since this year there is a new opportunity on the shoe market that solves this problem with little effort. With the dermatologically tested all-rounder PUROXX, shoes of all kinds can be cleaned completely clean in a few minutes. This means that white sneakers turn from “ready for the garbage dump” to “clean as on the first day”. Simply apply the cleaning paste, massage in with a brush & wipe with a little water after a few seconds.
The white edges of your favorite shoes have not been 100% white for a long time.

The all-round shoe meets the all-round cleaner!